20 What is the limit of intelligent investigation?

  1 What is the nature of asceticism?
  2 What are the characteristics of conduct for total liberation?
  3 What is the most essential commitment?
  4 What is wrong commitment?
  5 What is the greatest problem in maintaining effort?
  6 What are the crucial distinctions between patience and perseverance?
  7 What is the most tragic mistake beings can make in samsara?
  8 Why are beings so often surprised when death comes?
  9 What distinguishes good worldly from good spiritual analysis?

  10 What is the nature of yoniso manasikara?
  11 What is the nature of indriya samvara?
  12 What freedom is the most important to establish in early practice?
  13 What is the most persuasive argument for practice?
  14 Why would anybody want to compromise stillness?
  15 What is the most stilling thought?
  16 How can misleading energies be purified?
  17 What does ujupatipanno mean?
  18 What is the most intelligent risk to take?

  19 What transforms goals into realities?
  20 What is the limit of intelligent investigation?
  21 What purifies faith from ignorance?
  22 What is the most serious beginners' mistake?
  23 How does earnestness make people happy?
  24 How does laziness compromise faith?
  25 What does saccanuraksa mean in daily life?
  26 What makes a life worthy?
  27 What are the kammic consequences of following lust for ordained and unordained people?
  28 How does craving determine the psychological make-up of a person?
  29 Why would beings want to increase lust?
  30 What aspect of sensuality is one that beings easily overlook?
  31 What is the influence of a personal history on a person's development?
  32 What is the most advantageous learning style?
  33 How does self-education differ from child-education?
  34 Is being a workaholic wrong from the Buddhist perspective?
  35 Which attitude gives rise to relinquishment most easily?
  36 How does working hard remain wholesome throughout?
  37 How do remainders of previous conditionings hold the mind back?
  38 What childhood needs tend to echo longest in the mind?
  39 How does temptation work?
  40 Where do people overestimate themselves most easily?
  41 How does purity nourish a person?
  42 What is the meaning of "a strong mind"?
  43 What makes practitioners contented with restraint?
  44 What is the most substantial challenge in controlling the mind?
  45 What are the signs that the mind is ready to release a defilement?

  46 What are the most significant characteristics of integrity?
  47 What thoughts precipitate straying from a good course?
  48 Which harmless looking defilement is the worst of all?
  49 What is the most underestimated virtue?
  50 What good thoughts tend to give rise to bad ones?
  51 What makes the mind most fearless?
  52 What kind of meticulousness fortifies the mind most against external triggers?
  53 What makes the mind want to watch itself?
  54 What makes the mind give up the wish to become somebody else?
  55 What type of reticence contributes most to a beautiful holy life?
  56 What type of meditator comes out strongest in the long run?
  57 What is the best type of pain?
  58 What makes the ordinary mind so impervious to the idea of non-self?
  59 What type of knowledge is dangerous to the mind?
  60 Why does the mind tend to overlook rashness as precipitating factor?
  61 How does long-term perspective recondition the mind?
  62 What is the best emotional content to support earnest effort?
  63 What opens the mind to new perspectives most easily?
  64 What memories tend to endure over the others?
  65 What kind of person can be considered deep?
  66 From your experience, what inspires you most in a monk?
  67 From your experience, what gave you most faith in Luang Por Chah?
  68 As an Abbot, what is the most important characteristic of a strong practice group?
  69 As an Abbot, what makes people most easy to live with?
  70 What are the characteristics of a great friend in the holy life?
  71 What kind of person is most important to avoid?
  72 What are the requisites for successful solitary practice?
  73 What is the most helpful person to have around?
  74 If one is interested in practicing Buddhism, how and where can one do it?


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